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Properties of Glyoxal

Glyoxal is a colorless or yellow crystal or liquid deliquescent. It can be soluble in ethanol, ether, and water. Glyoxal is chemically active. It can make condensation reaction with ammonia, amide and aldehyde containing carboxyl compounds. Glyoxal can be obtained from ethylene glycol and air by gas phase catalytic oxidation system.
Glyoxal is mainly used in textile industry as fiber treating agent .It can increase the spinning of cotton, nylon and other fiber shrinkage and anti-wrinkle, which is durable ironing finishing agent. Glyoxal is insoluble adhesives for gelatin, gelatin, cheese, pva and starch. Glyoxal is also used in leather industry and production of waterproof matches. Glyoxal is organic synthesis of raw materials. Glyoxal is also used in berberine hydrochloride and sulfa drugs sulfanilamide methoxyl pyrazine synthesis. In addition , it acts as pest control agent, deodorant, body preservatives and sand mould curing agent.
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