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N-Hydroxy Succinimide

N-Hydroxy Succinimide

N-Hydroxy SuccinimideN-Hydroxy Succinimide Information:
Name of the Commodity: N-Hydroxy Succinimide
Appearance: Colorless crystal or white powder
CAS NO.: 6066-82-6
Molecular Weight: 115.0874
Physical Properties:
Relative Density: 1.649g/cm3
Melting Point: 93-95℃
Boiling Point: 262.4°C at 760 mmHg
N-Hydroxy Succinimide 99% is a white powder or colorless crystal, easily soluble in many kinds of solvents, resolved in succinic acid and ammonia with water.


N-Hydroxy Succinimide


White crystal



Heavy metals


Loss on dry


PH(1% aqueous solution)


Free Succinimide


Application of N-Hydroxy Succinimide :
N-Hydroxy succinimide and its derivatives are important intermediates for synthetic peptide, antibiotic, amino acid, protein and mica ester.
Packing: in 25kg cardboard drums
Storage: closed tight, stored in dry and cool place