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Effect of Dimethyl Fumarate

Dimethyl fumarate is also called DMF. It is white powder crystal under normal temperature As a new type of mould inhibitor atmosphere, Dimethyl fumarate’s melting point is 102 ~ 104 ℃, and its specific gravity is 1.37. DMF is slightly soluble in water and can be dissolved in ethyl acetate, chloroform and alcohol. Dimethyl fumarate is sublimation resistance and low toxicity. When DMF is used as food and feed additives, 0.2% added in the feed will have obvious effect, and general dose is 500 ~ 800 mg/kg. Dimethyl fumarate also works as a solvent and anti-mold preservatives. Dimethyl fumarate has a great prospect to be a new fungicide. DMF has drawn great attention of the food industry at home and abroad. So the development and production of dimethyl fumarate not only have realistic meaning but also bring obvious economic benefits and social benefits.
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