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Basical Information of Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic Acid is also called Acetic Acid, Glyoxalate or Oxoacetate. Glyoxalic acid is a kind of white crystal, with unpleasant smell and its aqueous solution is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Acetic Acid is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol and ether. However ,it is insoluble in esters and aromatic solvents. Glyoxylic acid is very stable in the open air, but it is erosive. Glyoxalic acid is a kind of basic organic chemical raw materials. Ethyl vanillin made of glyoxylate is widely used in cosmetics set incense flavouring agent and agent, daily chemical essence and fu sweet food. What’s more, allantoin is made by glyoxalic acid. Glyoxylic Acid works as good skin wounds healing agent, the upscale cosmetics additive and plant growth regulator, etc. In medicine, Glyoxylic Acid is used to make hydroxy phenyl glycine (amoxicillin and physicochemical penicillin raw material), the hydroxy phenyl ethyl amide (used to treat cardiovascular disease and the effective content of high blood pressure - atenolol), as well as the hydroxy benzene acetic acid, the hydroxy benzene hai for pharmaceutical products etc
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