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Talking About Dimethyl Fumarate 98%

Dimethyl fumarate is also called DMF. It is the methyl ester of fumaric acid. Dimethyl Fumarate 98% is an ester and an α,β-unsaturated electrophilic compound which can quickly undergo Michael additions with nucleophiles. Dimethyl Fumarate is also an effective diene acceptor in the thermal Diels-Alder reaction, where the reactivity of its vinylenic bond is enhanced by the two electron-withdrawing ester groups.
Dimethyl Fumarate 98% is often used in desiccant sachets, which can be placed within the product or in its packaging. Over time, the chemical evaporates and impregnates the product, protecting it against moulds. Dimethyl Fumarate is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as improve cellular response to oxidative stress, both implied in the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.DMF is used for consumer products, such as leather furniture and footwear, to prevent mould fungus that can cause deterioration during transport and storage in humid climates.
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