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History of the Development of Maleic Anhydride in China

Domestic industrial production maleic anhydride began in the 20th century, in 1964, there were only two companies built two sets of 100 tons /year, only equivalent to the current pilot production plant capacity.

Maleic anhydride and maleic acid products  are as the late sixties, when the agricultural production on the new high efficiency, low toxicity pesticide rapid growth in demand and developed, so that by the late seventies and the national maleic anhydride and maleic acid production plant to flourish. According to industry collaboration sets of data, in 1979 the national production of maleic anhydride has 51 production units, distributed in 19 provinces and cities nationwide, including the production of maleic acid units 24, the production of maleic anhydride units 27.

With the implementation of the national reform and open policy and further developed, China's national economy has developed rapidly. At the same time it also provides the best opportunity of development for domestic maleic anhydride and fumaric acid industry.

Since the nineties, due to maleic anhydride, fumaric acid products in the field of application of national economic development continue to expand rapidly explore the development of the downstream product market, thereby greatly inspire the domestic maleic anhydride, fumaric acid plant production capacity the rapid growth. In 1993, national maleic anhydride actual production is only 28,700 tons, but by 2010 the national real maleic anhydride production has reached 644,000 tons. 17 years of maleic anhydride production actually increased by 22.44 times the average annual growth rate of 378%. Maleic anhydride unit production capacity from 39,400 tons in 1993, increased to 985,000 tons in 2010, 17 years actually increased by 25 times the average annual growth rate is 579%.  In 2008, the world financial crisis triggered by U.S. subprime mortgage crisis makes the world's economic development suffered the second largest in the history of hit and great impact during the period of only a few months. Until today, more than two years, the world's most developed countries and regions, economy is still not able to get out and get rid of the current financial turmoil and impact.

According to reports at that time, the western media think that maleic anhydride industry all over the world is affected by the "financial storm" is huge; the recovery is a long process. They thought that maleic anhydride markets around the world in the second half of 2010 will likely bottomed out. They believe that Asia will the speed of the recovery will be worse than them, but they don't know, don't understand Asia and China.

In response to the "financial storm", China's government issued the policy of stimulating domestic demand in a timely manner. Driven by the policy, in that two years, China's current economic development situation, though cannot be completely out of and get rid of the shadow of the financial storm and influence, but should be the current economic development is the most active countries in the world. For maleic anhydride industry in China, in 2008 the world financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime crisis, in addition to make maleic anhydride product exports have been a great influence on China, Not only did not affected by any,, and still vigorously developed at an annual rate of two digits.