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How Much Do You Know About Fumaric Acid CWS

Fumaric Acid CWS is flammable, and its dust may form explosive mixtures with air.Fumaric Acid CWS is a white crystalline powder with a strong acid taste.The solubility of fumaric acid-CWS is 65% higher than that of original fumaric acid. Its acidity is 2.5 times of that of citric acid. Better emulsibility, stability. It can take the place of malic acid, citric acid, benzoic acid and widely used in cold drink, potables, alcoholic, marmalade, cake, pickle, noodle, bread, etc.
Fumaric acid has bacteriostatic and antiseptic function, it can be used as acidulant, acidity regulator, acidifier, thermal-oxidative resist auxiliary, curing accelerant and spice. Widly used in producing various carbonic acid drink, wine, concentrated solid drink, ice cream and other cold foods and drink. It can replace malic acid, citric acid, for its acidity degree is 1.5 times of that of citric acid. Fumaric acid can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate and optical bleaching agent, also used in manufacturing unsaturated polyester resin.
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