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The Application Prospect of Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid is an important organic chemical raw materials and fine chemical products, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings, resins, plasticizers and other fields.

Fumaric acid is mainly used for industrial production of unsaturated polyester resin and alkyd resin, and a raw material for the production of electrophoretic paint. Fumaric acid and styrene copolymer is a raw material for production of glass fiber reinforced plastic and vinyl acetate copolymer is a good adhesive. Fumaric acid as an important platform for four-carbon compounds can be catalyzed by an enzyme conversion, Esterification, hydrogenation process to produce L - aspartic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, maleic acid, 1, 4 - D diol, γ-butyrolactone and tetrahydrofuran four carbon compounds. Purity higher than 99% food grade fumaric acid is pure taste of sour agent, fumaric acid and sodium fumarate prepared by reacting sodium carbonate is a food additive flavor enhancer. In medicine, fumaric acid can be used to produce antidotes fumaric dimercaptosuccinate sodium fumarate, sodium fumarate, ferrous sulfate iron replacement products are widely used in the medical treatment of human small red blood cells anemia.

Fumaric acid ester derivatives include dimethyl fumarate, diethyl, dibutyl, with its typical products for foreign dimethyl fumarate in the 1980s developed a class of low toxicity, high efficiency, cheap, a new broad-spectrum antifungal preservative.

According to the MD INDIA, fumaric acid salt has been used in the treatment of severe psoriasis. Nowadays, researchers have found that the drug can also help to prevent multiple sclerosis (MS). The study is published in the current "Brain" of the journal neurology. Ten years ago, researchers at the university (RUB) Bochum speculate that because the TH2 polarization mechanism of fumaric acid salt, the drug could benefit MS.

Now RUB neuroscientists have found that fumaric acid salt release of free radicals in the removal of inflammatory process, thus protecting nerve and glial cells. Psoriasis like MS is an autoimmune disease; the immune system attacks the body's own cells. In MS, the axons of the myelin insulation are damaged in this way. Ralf Ruhr university hospital in St. Joseph hospital professor Gold and his colleagues found that the effect of fumaric acid salt and resistance of MS drug "standard" is different, it is not only based on the inhibition or adjust the immune system, but also in the process of removing inflammation destructive release oxygen free radicals, to support the survival of the nerve cells.

Currently, the world of fumaric acid production capacity of 340000 t/a, the fumaric acid in China to produce about 50000 t, supply and demand are basically balanced. The main areas of consumption fumaric unsaturated polyester resin, pulp material aid, food, medicine and other fields. The scope of application of fumaric acid is small, single-use, along with its applications continue to expand, especially as a platform for compound can be synthesized starting from its many four-carbon compounds, increasing depletion of oil resources in the case, its application prospects increasingly broad.